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Trumbull County

Area Agency on Aging 11, Inc.
Other services for seniors
5555 Youngstown-Warren Road
Suite 2685 Second Floor
Niles, Ohio 44446
(800) 686-7367
Web site

Farmington Senior Center
Senior center
150 College St
West Farmington, OH 44491
(330) 889-2733

Howland Senior Center SCOPE
Senior center
8273 High St
Warren, OH 44484
(330) 609-7806

Hubbard Senior Center
Senior center
220 W Liberty St
Hubbard, OH 44425
(330) 534-3812

Newton Falls Community Center
Senior center
52 E Quarry St
Newton Falls, OH 44444
(330) 872-5261

Niles Scope Senior Center
Senior center
14 E State St
Niles, OH 44446
(330) 544-3676

Scope Senior Center of Trumbull County
Senior center
220 W Market St
Warren, OH 44481
(330) 399-8846

Senior Citizens Center
Senior center
1455 Salt Springs Rd/Adm Bldg
Warren, OH 44481
(330) 824-2507

Trumbull County Office of Elderly Affairs
Senior meal location
2959 Youngstown Rd, SE
Warren, OH 44484
(330) 675-2486